Day 3

Physical and Spiritual Heights in the Golan



Breakfast at the hotel


This day will be spent in the magnificent Golan Heights.  The morning gets you in the driver’s seat of ATV (off-road 2 seater vehicle). Take turns being driver and passenger and put yourself into the picture. Enjoy the early spring flowers and learn their names.  Stop and take in the silence around you.  Make some noise and enjoy!  Stop for coffee and tea and “aruchat eser” (the traditional Israeli 10 o’clock snack) in a forest.  


While you explore the area, you’ll also be foraging – identifying and picking edible plants.


In the Golan’s largest Druze Village, Majdal Shams, cook lunch with local women. Take what you foraged and cook it into a delicious dish as part your lunch. Hear the story of your host and learn about real life in the Golan.


Visit the boutique Assaf Winery for a pre-Shabbat toast to your group and to Shabbat.


Return to the hotel and prepare for Shabbat.


Special Kabbalat Shabbat to focus us on moving from the ‘chol’ (ordinary) to the ‘kodesh’ (holy) and to transform the energy of the trip so far towards enhancing the beauty of Shabbat.


Dinner at the hotel

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