Day 5

Is Israel a Melting Pot or a Tossed Salad?  Cultural Diversity



Breakfast at the hotel


Morning hike and meditation


Nazareth Culinary Tour- visit El Babour spice store, the largest in Israel, and a Tehina Factory. 


Lunch at Shawna’s home in Raanana, a city in the center of the country that has attracted many English-speaking immigrants.  Meet some locals and hear their stories. Lunch will be a special treat of a “Pop-up” Indian restaurant!


Learning Session on the meaning of Shefa in Judaism with Karen Miller Jackson, a Jewish educator living in Ra'anana, Israel. She teaches at Matan HaSharon, and is a board member of Kolech - Religious Women's Forum. Karen runs Kivun L'sherut, a guidance program for girls before sherut leumi/army service.


Meet “HaPolaniya” Michal Fishbein, the creator of the Polaniya products that turn your (Ashkenazic) Bubbe’s favorite expressions into fun artwork.  In Israel you don’t have to be a Polaniya (Polish Jewish Woman) to act like a Polaniya.  Michal will talk about why she started the business and why it speaks to people.


Drive to Tel Aviv


Dinner on your own in Tel Aviv (option for home hospitality will be available.)

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