Day 9

Working Together, Bringing it Home



Lasha Desert Bread Workshop- Bringing Forth Bread from the Earth- taking Israel’s abundance back to our homes


Depart the area to travel northwards for lunch to Café Ringenblum in Beer Sheva.  The Ringenblum Café is a social business that was established in 2009 by NGO Tor Hamidbar, with the assistance from the city of Beer Sheva, to respond to the needs of at-risk youth in Beer Sheva.  Ringenblum employs at-risk teenagers, both in the kitchen and as wait staff. This year-long paid training process helps youth get back on its feet, with the aim of enlisting them in the IDF and joining the workforce. A social worker, employed at the restaurant, helps bridge the gaps between tough ‘teenhood’ and the food service industry.


Meet Mariam Abu Rkeek, founder of Bat HaMidbar Bedouin Cosmetics.  Desert Daughter is a unique line of products crafted in the spirit of Bedouin tradition. A collection of secrets for creating purely natural cosmetic and medicinal treatments has been passed to her from one generation to another within her Bedouin family.  You’ll participate in a hands-on workshop and take home what you make.
Closing Ceremony 


Closing dinner at Majda, classic Israeli-Arab Fusion restaurant in Ein Rafah


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