Mon 16.10

From Noah to Mars- The History of Wine in Israel

A less known fact about the biblical Noah was that he was the world’s first wine-maker!  This week you’ll get the whole story…

Set out for the south of Israel in the Overland vehicle for a different kind of ride! The Overland is an all-terrain vehicle with huge windows which has been designed using modular construction with a unique seating configuration and many hidden surprises.

Stop along the way for a toast to your Wine-infused journey!

Follow the Ancient Spice Route which begins in Makhtesh Ramon to the site of Nabatean city of Ovdat.  Learn about the Nabatean wine-making  while seeing  one of the At least five wine presses dated to the Byzantine period that have have been found at the various Nabatean sites in the area such as Ovdat and Shivta.

The Rota Winery, situated along the Spice Route, contains remains from an ancient farm that existed there about 1500 years ago. The wines produced here are made from top-quality grapes that come from organic vineyards. The vineyards are cared for entirely by human hands.

Visit the unexpected Nana Farm Winery- outside of Mitzpe Ramon, acres of grape vines have been planted to create a sea of green in the middle of the desert. We’ll walk through the vines and taste the wines of this special vineyard.

A Welcome Tasting at the magnificent Beresheet hotel hosted by Roni Saslov.

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