SHEFA Tour 2019

March 6-13, 2019

Last year a dream was realized- The Shefa Journey. 


Shefa is a tour just for women, a trip that combines the special energy generated within a group of women with the abundance that Israel has to offer-  spiritual abundance, culinary abundance, creative abundance, and natural abundance.


With this in mind, we created an itinerary that included meetings with strong Israeli women, a focus on Israel cuisine, participatory visits to unique places, and a connection to Judaism and spirituality.  The trip took place in March, 2018 and exceeded all of our expectations.  We were blessed to host an exciting group of women that concluded that the Shefa Journey was the best trip they have ever had. 


We are now beginning to weave together the fabric of the next Shefa Journey.


Shefa Tour 2019 - Be there! 


*The full itinerary will be published soon. 

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