Thur 19.10

Keeping the Faith

If you want to visit Jerusalem’s true spiritual center, Mahane Yehuda is the place to go. Make the most of it with a Tasting Tour. In this market place, you can meet people of all nationalities, religions, and ages. You can see foods and fruits of all colors, sizes, and shapes. Learn more about the tapestry of Israel’s population through the variety of the market.

Leave urban Jerusalem for the hills surrounding the city.

Stop at the beautiful Sataf forest for an easy hike through the area.  The Sataf is on the site of ancient agricultural terraces which date to the time of the ancient Israelites.

Visit one of Israel’s finest wineries, the esteemed Castel Winery, for a tour and tasting.  Castel is a family-owned winery and one of Israel’s first boutique wineries.

Stop at the Sea Horse Winery which is the project of Zeev Dunia, is a former film maker turned into an artistic, and eccentric wine maker who specializes in blends and varieties that we are less used to seeing in Israel. The winery is considered one of the ten best boutique wineries in Israel. Change winery.

Visit the Shfeyah boarding school for youth at risk which has a unique viticulture program that includes a winery. Launched in 2005, the program gives students the opportunity to learn how to make wine, from pruning and picking the grapes to bottling and marketing the wine. They are supervised by an expert winemaker.

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