Tunnel Vision

History from Underground

In David’s Jerusalem our travel through history begins by walking in the waters of the  8th century BCE“Hezekiah’s Tunnel”built when the  city  was  defending  itself  from  the  approaching  Assyrian  army  to  protect  the water  by  diverting  its  flow  deep  into  the  city  with  an impressive  tunnel  system.   We go  beneath  the  present  day  streets  to  discover  the  2,000  year old Herodian mansions.   The  original  mosaics  and  the  ritual  bath  can  be  seen  clearly.  The complex  of  mansions  gives  great  insight  into  the  lifestyle  at  that  time.    Ramlaboasts a 1,200-year-old structure from when the Moslem Abbasid Caliph Harun al Rashid ruled the area from Baghdad. The Pool of Arches subterranean reservoir, a witness  to  the  quality  of  construction  and  beauty  of  Moslem  architecture  is  an underground  water  is  still  intact  and  full  of  water  that  can  be  explored  in  a. rowboat.  To really dig deep into the past, we go to Beit Guvrin, where thousands of  underground  caves  date  back  to  the  time  of  the  Phoenicians.  Explore  the caves, which served as storerooms, burial crypts and safe havens during the time of  the  Bar Kochba  revolt  against  the  Romans.    Our final stop  is  along  he Gaza-Israel border where we will meet with a local resident to discuss what it was like living in underground shelters under the threat of Hamas tunnels

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