Wed 18.10

Refining Your Senses

Depart the south

Stop at ancient Beit Guvrin for a special treat of wine-tasting from local wineries in an unusual place- one of the bell caves discovered in the area. 

Try your hand at foraging in the area and see what edible plants you can find.

Lunch at the home of a local resident of the area which is filled with people who came from all parts of the world.  Enjoy a Kurdish, Indian, Moroccan, or Yemenite meal or eat at the South American Mike and Sharon’s Bistro.  TBD

In Jerusalem’s Old city visit the 1848 Winery which was established in 1848 by Rabbi Mordechai Abraham Shor and his son.  The winery was the first commercial, modern, family run winery in Palestine.  Legend has it that the winery’s cellar was so close to the Western Wall that worshippers praying at the site could see the large oak barrels full of wine resting against the wall. 

Continue touring in the Old City.

Sensory enhancement workshop led by Roni Saslov “Refining your Senses”  with Israeli wines on the roof of Notre Dame, the Vatican-owned 19th century guest house with its spectacular view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Dinner at Anna Restaurant, one of Jerusalem’s best.  Learn about the production and marketing of Kosher wine around the world.

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