B’nai Jacob Women’s Trip - Via Sabra

B’nai Jacob Women’s Trip

February 13-23, 2019

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Day 1:Monday, February 11

Welcome to Israel!


Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport


Depart for the north of Israel.


The modern state of Israel is built on layers of history. Stop at the beautiful and significant Kinneret Cemetery where you will hear the story of the early pioneers- their hopes, and their dreams.  Consider the tension between the “heavenly” and the “earthly” Israel.


Opening Dinner at the hotel- Join in Shehechiyanu to bless the beginning of your journey together in Israel.


Overnight: North-Kfar Blum Pastoral Hotel or Amirey HaGalil


Day 2: Tuesday, February 12

Spiritual and Physical Heights


Breakfast at the hotel


The elements that influence the Israeli psyche yield a rich and complex society.  Think about issues of religion, spirituality, geography, and security while touring the north and gleaning the significance of these influences on the country and her people.


Tour the city of Tzfat which sits at a higher altitude than any other city in Israel and has been known since the 16th century as a major center of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. The old synagogues, narrow alleyways and artists’ studios add to the city’s charm.


Explore the Golan Heights, one of Israel’s most beautiful and controversial regions. Discover first-hand the strategic importance of the area as you climb the Heights and explore a former Syrian bunker.  Review the reality of the civil war in Syria and how it impacts Israel.


Take a sunset tractor ride through the Hula Valley, an important resting place for migrating birds and many species of rare fish and plants, at sunset. The Hula Valley is in 1948, the government decided to drain the swamps and pond and convert them into agricultural fields.


Dinner at Dubrovin Farm Restaurant, on one of the first farms in the Hula Valley


Overnight: North- Kfar Blum Pastoral Hotel or Amirey HaGalil



Day 3: Wednesday, February 13

Social and Cultural Empowerment


Breakfast at the hotel


Morning yoga or Kibbutz tour


Foraging in Nahal Salame- learn to identify and pick edible plants that grow in the wild, in the area next to the village where you will eat.


Cook the plants you just picked in a home in the northern Bedouin village of Salame, then each lunch with the host family. This opportunity is made possible by organizations that give Arab women employment in their own homes since working outside the home is difficult or not acceptable in the culture.


Continue to Sindyanna of Galilee, a female-led non-profit that actively promotes the concepts of “business for peace” and Fair Trade in Israel. Meet the women whose lives have been changed through the center, taste varieties of olive oil, make your own za’atar, and learn basket weaving.


Wine tasting at Tulip Winery which integrates the production of quality wines with social responsibility. This excellent winery is in Kfar Tikva (Village of Hope), a village for people with special needs.  Tulip enables members of the community to develop and realize their potential through an exciting model of a wine industry that employs the community members.


Drive to Jerusalem


Stop at the Haas Promenade at sunset, with its panoramic view of Jerusalem.


Dinner on your own


Overnight: Jerusalem-Mt. Zion Hotel


Day 4: Thursday, February 14

Jerusalem- Holy to All


Breakfast at the hotel


Meet with Encounter or Ir Amim for a geo-political overlook of Jerusalem.  Option- meet at the hotel using the views from the hotel to show the complexity of Jerusalem.


Enter the Old City at Jaffa Gate and walk on the Rampart Walls from the Jaffa Gate to the Dung Gate.  Walking on the top of the walls built by the Ottoman ruler, Sultan Suliman the Magnificent in 1536, is a great opportunity to observe the views of both the Old City with its alleys and shrines, as well as the New City.


Walk from the Dung Gate to the City of David. Tour the site and finish at the  Ancient Shiloah Pool discovered just a few years ago. This pool was constructed 2,000 years ago during the days of King Herod, The Pilgrim’s Way once connected the Shiloah Pool to the Temple Mount and served as the central axis for all of Jerusalem’s pilgrims and visitors. Walk through underground passageways from the Shiloah Pool to Robinson’s Arch in the Southern Wall Archaeological Gardens.


Tour the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and uncover the layers of Jewish history from the time of the First Temple until the present day. Take the time to reflect and meditate at the Kotel (Western Wall.) 


Machane Yehuda “Shuk and Cook” tour the market and buy what you need to cook dinner together with your host. Machane Yehuda is Jerusalem’s largest and most diverse market by day and Jerusalem’s hottest night spots by night. 


Geula and Mea Shearim late night bakery tour


Overnight: Jerusalem -Mt. Zion Hotel



Day 5: Friday, February 15

Memory and Remembrance


Breakfast at the hotel


Begin the day at Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust museum, which presents a profoundly Jewish memorial of the Shoah. From its dramatic structure to its powerful exhibits, such as the labyrinthine Valley of the Communities and the underground Children’s Memorial, Yad Vashem is a powerful place of tribute and remembrance. 


Visit Mt. Mount (Har) Herzl, the burial place of Israel's founders, the country's leaders, and military cemetery. Pay tribute to those whose vision helped build Israel and those who gave their lives to keep it safe.


Visit the Roots Tent. Located in Gush Etzion, near Bethlehem, Roots offers a paradigm to transform relationships between Jews and Palestinians.  Their mission is to build a grassroots model for co-existence through non-violent means.


Kabbalat Shabbat


Shabbat dinner in a private home or at the hotel TBD


Overnight: Jerusalem-Mt. Zion Hotel



Day 6: Saturday, February 16

Shabbat Shalom


Breakfast at the hotel


Israel Museum or Shabbat Tefilot


Shabbat lunch at the hotel


Meet Anat Hoffman or Leslie Sachs, Director and Founder respectively of Women of the Wall.




Meet with Riman Barakat, Founder of Experience Palestine.  Riman holds graduate degrees in the fields of Middle Eastern Studies and International Affairs and completed the Fulbright Program at Marquette University.  Riman will discuss the successes and challenges for Palestinian society.


As Shabbat draws slowly to a close, come together with your group for Havdalah.


Dinner on your own in Jerusalem


Overnight: Jerusalem-Mt. Zion Hotel



Day 7: Sunday, February 17

Masada and the Dead Sea



Breakfast at the hotel


Ascend Masada and tour King Herod’s historic hilltop fortress, where a small band of Jewish zealots took refuge after the Roman destruction of the Second Temple in 70 BCE, resisting a prolonged siege by the Roman army. Today, Masada arouses self-reflection for Israelis and Jews around the world: Is there any price too high for religious freedom? Is martyrdom a Jewish value? Now, over 70 years after the establishment of the State of Israel, what does Masada mean to the Jewish people?


At 1,300 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. “Float” swimming suspended by the high concentrations of salts and minerals.  Lunch will be provided.

Hike in the beautiful Ein Gedi or Ein Bokek nature reserves.


Drive to Mitzpe Ramon and check into the hotel


Dinner at the hotel


Overnight: Mitzpe Ramon- Beresheet



Day 8: Monday, February 18

“In the Desert, You can Remember your Name…”


Explore the magnificent Ramon Crater by Jeep.  Five hundred meters deep, 40 kilometers long, and 10 kilometers at its widest, Makhtesh Ramon is the largest in the world. A Makhtesh is not actually a crater, it’s a particularly large asymmetrical hole dug out of the ground by natural processes of erosion.


Continue to the Lasha Desert Bread Workshop and “bring forth bread from the earth” with Hadas, spiritual baker and teacher.

With the bread you’ve made as the base, eat lunch in Lasha’s back patio.


Spend the afternoon enjoying the amazing facilities and views of the hotel


Dinner at the hotel


Overnight: Mitzpe Ramon- Beresheet



Day 9: Tuesday, February 19

We Have Not Lost our Hope



Breakfast at the hotel


Striving for Peace- drive to Netiv Haasarah, a moshav on the western border of Israel with the Gaza Strip.  Visit the Peace Wall on the border.

Meet Tsamaret Zamir, an artist and the creator of the project who will talk about life in the moshav in the shadow of the ongoing security situation – and about the hope of a good and peaceful future.  Choose a colorful optimistic tile on which to write a personal wish and later glue to the border wall.


Drive to Tel Aviv


Stop at the overlook in Old Jaffa and take in your surroundings while hearing the history of the city. Continue touring the ancient city and see how modern and historical blend together in the alleyways and very hip Flea Market areas.


Independence Hall is housed in what was one of the first homes in Tel Aviv and the private home of Meir Dizengoff, first mayor of Tel Aviv. On the 5th of 'Iyar, (May 14, 1948), David Ben Gurion proclaim the establishment of the State of Israel.


Walk and discover the Tel Aviv you never knew before. Tel Aviv, the first "Zionist " city has been the symbol of progress, business, and the arts. Tel Aviv of the bright lights and constant motion contains the hopes and dreams of the early Zionists who wanted to create a modern urban entity. 


Dinner on your own in Tel Aviv- we will give you a list of suggested restaurants.


Overnight: Tel Aviv



Day 10: Wednesday, February 20

Sparks of Light to Take Home



Breakfast at the hotel


Visit a Unitaf early childhood center, where you will see educators providing a safe place for the children of asylum-seekers to learn and grow. Director Ofira Ben-Shlomo shares the story of how the Tel Aviv community found a way to respond to dozens of unsafe children’s “warehouses” where children spent hours languishing in cribs without any human touch.


Next, travel to colorful Kuchinate: African Refugee Women’s Cooperative, for a coffee ceremony and to hear the story of this incredible social start-up. Meet founders Diddy Mymin Kahn and Sister Aziza, who have turned the lives of refugee women around by empowering them to find their voices and regain their dignity after very difficult life circumstances.  See the beautiful cloth baskets that the women design and create by hand.


Explore the very special Shuk Levinsky with time on your own for lunch in one of the area’s many hip restaurants.


See an Israel that you might not know through the Street Art Graffiti Tour found in Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood.  This interactive tour with a talented artist and actor gives you the inside track of Israel’s culture.

Now is your opportunity to reflect on the time you’ve spent in Israel and to share the experiences, sites, and people you’ll want to remember most after you’ve returned home. With the "Kol HaOt" team, we will explore the personal meaning of Israel using colors and symbols to give ourselves and our fellow participants a visual picture of what this journey meant to us.


Final dinner at Guetta





Double: $4100

Single: $5250


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• Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Jerusalem, grouped according to arrival times

• Transportation throughout the trip for all programmed activities

• 1 group transfer to Ben Gurion Airport at the culmination of the program

• Services of a licensed Tour Guide throughout the trip

• One free staff leader in a single room

• Hotels in standard rooms throughout the trip including breakfast (upgrades available)

Jerusalem- Herbert Samuel, Dead Sea- Isrotel,  North- Kfar Blum,  Tel Aviv- Dan Panorama

• 5 lunches/1 tasting tour, 7 dinners

• All site entry fees and activities in the itinerary


Not included:

• Airfare

• Travel insurance (recommended)

• Tips for tour guide and drivers

• Donation to Bialik-Rogozin School

• Rental of HUC

• Meals not indicated in itinerary

• Tel Aviv Marathon registration


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