Along the Northern Coast - Via Sabra

Along the Northern Coast

Rosh Hanikra, Akko and the Crusaders in the north

The port city of Akko, located on the northern coast, is a complex city where you can explore the remains of Crusader, Muslim and Ottoman construction. Akko was once a leading port in the Middle East comparable to Alexandria and Constantinople and has been the object of many successful and would-be conquerors. Akko is noted in the Jewish struggle for statehood for being an Arab center of hostility to Zionism during the British Mandate period. Conquered by Israel in the War of Independence, Akko today boasts a mixed Jewish Arab population.   Further north on the coast is Rosh Hanikra with its stunning chalk-white cliffs and incredible view of the Mediterranean coastline A cable car takes travelers down beneath the cliffs to the grottos below for a tour the system of underground caves eroded by pounding waves over thousands of years.

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