Caesarea, Ein Hod + Zichron Ya’akov - Via Sabra

Caesarea, Ein Hod + Zichron Ya’akov

Archaeology, Art & Adventure

Traversing 2,300 years, one can walk along ancient Caesarea’s city walls and around the towers, wander through the ruins of a Crusader castle and Roman temples, watch the horse races in the hippodrome, visit the ancient port and the artists’ square.  Ein Hod, founded by the Dada artist Marcel Janco, the only artists’ village in Israel, and one of few of its kind in the whole world.Visit the Ein Hod Cnetral Art Gallery founded during the first days of Ein Hod, is the heart of the village. where most of Ein Hod artists and
craftsmen present their works in the gallery’s spaces or visit private studios and galleries.Travel toZichron Ya'akov, one of the first Jewish settlements in the country. Revel in the stories of Zichron as the center of the Nili spy ring, organized by Jews to aid the British in ousting the Turks at the beginning of the century.  Stroll down the  Wine Road that has been recreated to bring back to life the character of the Moshava's early days. This tour can be adapted to youth & children activities

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