Coffee and spices in Nazareth - Via Sabra

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Coffee and spices in Nazareth

Multi-sensory journey in the alleys of the city

Alleys, markets, churches, and stories, blending together the old city of Nazareth, a city with an ancient history and multi-layered, constantly renewed. Nazareth is one of the holy cities for Christians all over the world. Behind the Church of the Annunciation, where more than a million pilgrims come each year, is one of the colorful and authentic markets in Israel, where you will find traditional sweet shops, shops filled with spices, herbs and more. We will taste the market stalls, visit Al Babor, one of the oldest spice stores in the country, which has been active for 120 years as a family business. Learn about the different spices and their use, we will visit behind the scenes and watch the process in action. We will visit the Diwan Al Sarai, authentic family restaurant, which prepares a traditional Arabic dessert & coffee, where we will hear the family story and more.

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