Day 3 - Via Sabra



Tel Aviv: Where the Ever Present Past is in the Future


9:00 am We will tour Tel Aviv’s most bohemian and upbeat neighborhood with  installation artist to learn about contemporary Israeli culture thorough the writing on the wall, graffiti, bumper stickers and even painted garbage bins.
In recent years Tel Aviv has become Israel's capital of urban art.  In this tour we take the back streets and discover some of the latest, greatest and oldest examples of street art, graffiti & mural art.


11:30 am  Producer Liran Atzmor: “Trends in the Israeli film industry”  at Beit Immanuel.


1:00 pm Tasting tour (lunch) at the Carmel market.

3:00 pm Meet the Artist: In their studio meet with artists each of whom works in different media and with different themes.   Discuss the contemporary Tel Aviv art scene as well as their personal inspirations for their work.


5:00 pm Using Mayumana’s performance language, techniques and skills, participate in a combination of theatre games, rhythm and coordination exercises, percussion, music, dance, play, performance, and a large dose of humor to free the creative spirit.


8:00 pm Dinner: HaBasta – "a tiny restaurant and wine bar, just a clutch of round tables on an alley just off Carmel Market, draws its inspiration from the market's fresh offerings".

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