Day 6 - Via Sabra



Shaping a Shared Society – the Israeli Wa


9:00 am Visit the Oforiya visitors center in the Hula National Park for a multisensory inter-continental experience centered on the bird migration from the cold lands of Europe to Israel.


Located in Moshav Ilaniya where in 1907 Sejera, the first communal agricultural settlement in Palestine  was founded.


Travel to Nazareth to explore the secrets of coffee, a drink that has played a very important role in Middle Eastern culture and to explore “sesame”.


4:00 pm Meeting with faculty and students at  the Polyphony Conservatory  Polyphony builds hope for a shared future in Israel by bringing together Arab and Jewish youth through the power of classical music-making.


10:00 pm  Zappa Jerusalem in the Lab is a leading live music venue offering high-quality local and international music that appeals to a wide cross-section of the public.

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