Day 7 - Via Sabra



"Me’orav Yerushalmi-" (Jerusalem Mix)


Is a classic meal of a different mix of meats- a metaphor for the variety of cultures that are combined in the melting pot of Israel.


9:00 am we will join Middle East strategic intelligence analyst for an insider’s view of Israeli rule in the Old City.   With Melamed , former Senior Advisor on Arab Affairs to Jerusalem Mayor we will walk in the streets of the Old City to see first-hand how Israelis and Palestinians are coexisting within the boundaries of what many feel is the lynchpin of the conflict between them.


10:30 am  “Tastes of Jerusalem”  in the Old City.


Jewish East and West meet in Nachlaot. The neighborhoods that make up the Nachlaot were established beginning in the late 1870s outside the walls of the Old City which was becoming increasingly overcrowded and unsanitary.


7:00 pm The “Anna” restaurant is located in a 150-year-old historic house with a modern museum infrastructure. The building has newly conserved refurbished galleries, a renewed permanent exhibition about the house and its former owners.


9:00 pm Tour with chef Shmil Holland to discover Eastern European cuisine (Ashkenazi)….including the famous “Jerusalem Kugel”.  Tour of Mea Shearim bakeries.

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