Dead sea Masada, Ein Gedi - Via Sabra

Dead sea Masada, Ein Gedi

The highlights of the Judean Desert

The Dead Sea is 1300 feet below sea level and is the lowest point on earth.    The high concentration of salts and minerals in the sea make the water so dense that instead of swimming one can only float!People flock to the Dead Sea from around the world to benefit from its the healing powers and from the area’s arid landscape. At the western edge of the Judean Desert sits the epic site of Masada- a place that combines natural beauty with deep meaning.    Masada can be ascended by foot or cable-car and many choose to climb before sunrise in to witness the sun rise over the mountains of Jordan across the border.    Tour King Herod’s private fortress which, following the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 BCE, became a base for a small band of Jewish zealots who revolted against the Romans.    The rebels held their own but were eventually overcome and, according to historian Josephus, chose mass suicide over surrender.   Masada has come to symbolize the fierce determination of the people of Israel, but its tragic history also raises questions about the price of freedom. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve has been created out of a unique ecosystem of springs, waterfalls and pools surrounded by lush greenery in a desolate desert setting. We will have the opportunity to Hike to and cool off in the refreshing pools and waterfalls of the Reserve. The stunning Ein Gedi oasis consists of two separate waterways: Nahal David (David’s Stream), where David took refuge from King Saul; and Nahal Arugot, where remains of a 6th-century synagogue were discovered.

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