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How do I get around?

srael has a sophisticated system of highways, buses, trains and domestic flights. Follow these links to know more. Buses – The most popular form of transportation in Israel, you can buy tickets atany city’s central bus station or from the driver. Please note that most buses don’t operate in Israel on Saturdays (Shabbat) Jerusalem has a light rail system where tickets must be purchased at the stations along the light rail road. For schedules and fares of buses in Israel, please visit: Train – The Israel Railways isan affordable easy way to travel between major cities in Israel. Please note that the trains don’t operate in Israel on Saturdays (Shabbat)  For train schedules and fares, please visit the Private Taxi – a more expensive option, taxis can be flagged down or ordered byphone almost anywhere, and they’ll take you around town or between cities.Please note that taxi drivers inIsrael donot expect a tip. Rent a car– International car rental chains have offices in Israel, and there are multiple Israel-based car rental companies. you can rent a car in all of Israel’s major citiesandat Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. It’s recommended to reserve a car before you arrive. Driving in Israel ison the right-hand side of the road, and most signage is written in Hebrew, English and Arabic.


* Don’t use a hand-held phone while driving: it’s against the law.

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