In the Steps of Jesus - Via Sabra

In the Steps of Jesus

Nazareth, Tavor, Cana

Nazareth, the town where Jesus was raised, is Israel’ s largest Arab city and home to both Christians and Muslims.  The Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth stands on the site where according to Christian tradition the angel appeared before Mary to announce the birth of Jesus. The Church, recently refurbished and renovated with contributions from Christians all over the world, stands as a star in the Nazareth firmament. Cana  is a Galilean town five miles northeast of Nazareth with a population of 8,500 including both Muslims and Christians.  Long revered as the site of Jesus' first miracle or turning water into wine at a wedding,  Mount Tabor where, according to the Bible, the prophetess Deborah and the head of the Israelite "army" Barak prepared to repel a Canaanite invasion. During the Great Revolt against the Romans in the 1st century BCE, the Jews of the Galilee built on these mountain fortifications, remains of which are still visible today.

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