Israeli Soul - Chef Michael Solomonov's trip - May 2020

May 21-30, 2020

Trip details

Number of participants:
Date of tour: May 21st-30th
Guide: Avihai Tsabari


Day 1: Thursday, May 21


Welcome to Israel


Arrive in Tel Aviv


Opening talk with Adeena Sussman “What is Israeli Cuisine” At Mizgaga Museum (Israel’s first wine bottle factory).


Light spread served by the sea, from Elchanan Bakery, greeted by chef Eldad Shmueli.



Walking Tour of Caesarea, one of Israel’s most impressive archeological sites. A national park where amazing ancient harbor ruins, beautiful beaches, and impressive modern residences sit side by side.



Check into Hotel
(The Efendi Hotel, Akko)



Dinner at Uri Buri

“For the past 20 years opposite the Crusader subterranean city in Akko, the Uri Buri restaurant has been offering different kinds of delicately prepared fresh fish and seafood dishes served with more than 100 different kinds of fine Israeli wines.”


Overnight: The Efendi Hotel, Akko


Day 2: Friday, May 22nd


Last Day of Ramadan


Breakfast at hotel


food and history tour of Akko, (with Avihai and Osama) a peninsula that pokes out into the Mediterranean, with towering ramparts, deep moats, green domes, timeless synagogues, slender minarets, church towers, secret passage ways and subterranean vaults.

Immerse yourselves into the insanity of the last day of Ramadan!


Free Time

An option of water skiing and sailing on the Mediterranean


Enjoying the spa at The Efendi


Two Dinner Options


1-Druze Cooking Workshop - Visit one of the Druze villages of the Galilee. The Druze are known for their hospitality and warm welcome of visitors. Learn about their fascinating history, unique religion, an ancient tradition, and engage in a fun and delicious culinary workshop, followed by an amazing Druze feast.


2-Cooking together with Erez Komorovsky on The Effendi Hotel rooftop.


Overnight: The Efendi Hotel, Akko


Day 3: Saturday, May 23rd


A Taste of Eid ad Fitter


Breakfast at hotel


Mustakah-Heshamic Baklava: workshop with Elias Marab.


Hike along the Merom River (Upper Galilee)


Lookout over the Israeli-Lebanese border from Metula and listen Mike’s story.


Optional – Festive wine tasting at St. Urban on the Sea of Galilee and Scots House.


Late night Iftar: A special Eid ad Fitter dinner with a local family in the old city of Akko.


Overnight: The Efendi Hotel, Akko


Day 4: Sunday, May 24th


Breakfast at hotel


Drive south and watch the landscape change along the way.Continue to the Israel’s national food bank, Leket, a non-profit organization providing food around the county.




A talk with Dani Tirza the head architect of the West Bank Barrier at the Wall.


Lunch at Naot Desert Farm - one of the many havot bodedim (lone farms) built by modern-day pioneers who are making David Ben-Gurion’s vision of the desert blooming come to life. Visit the goats taste some delicious cheese.



Ben Gurion’s Grave. The first prime minister of the State of Israel, David Ben Gurion, was not only a shrewd political and military leader but also the symbol of the Zionist vision. At a relatively advanced age, Ben Gurion and his wife, Paula, "retired" to the Negev with a cry that others should follow.  When he died, he requested to be buried in the Kibbutz cemetery, overlooking the valley that the children of Israel had come through on their way to the Promised Land.


Dinner at the Hotel


Overnight: Beresheet Hotel, Mitzpeh Ramon


Day 5: Monday, May 25th


Desert Dreams


Breakfast at hotel


ATV bikes



Cooking togther- A blowout smoked meat dinner all perpared in a trailer in the Ramon Crater


Overnight: Beresheet Hotel, Mitzpeh Ramon



Day 6: Tuesday, May 26th


Holy to All


Breakfast at hotel



Lasha Desert Bread - Bringing Forth Bread from the Earth Workshop - Bake bread and connect to the desert and to the spiritual with Hadas who will tell you her story.



Lunch at Azura, a family-run institution in the Iraqi section of the market, famous for its Turkish-inspired delicacies that are slow-cooked to perfection atop kerosene burners.


Walking Tour Old City of Jerusalem, discovering the Jewish Christian and Muslim Quarters



Encompass the Old City of Jerusalem by following the "Ramparts Walk".  Walking on the top of the Walls is an extremely enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to observe the picturesque views of both the Old City with its alleys and shrines, and the New City spreading on the surrounding mountains outside the Walls.


Then head below the Old City and tour the chaotic maze of Western Wall Tunnels. The extension of the retaining wall was built 2,000 years ago by Herod the Great to support the massive compound where the Temple stood.


Dinner at Rooftop


Overnight: Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem


Day 7: Wednesday, May 27th


Jerusalem Melting Pot


Breakfast at hotel



Machne Yehuda Market a Tasting Tour - Continue with an unforgettable Market is culinary tour. If you really want to get the feel for Jerusalem, Mahane Yehuda the place to visit. In this colorful market, you will meet people of all nationalities, religions, and ages and listen the special stories of the peddlers.

Persian restaurant


Tucked into the hills of Jerusalem is the biblical Ein Karem, mentioned in the Old Testament and whose name means "the spring in the vineyard." Step into another world and visit this quaint neighborhood, long an artists' quarter and home to special people and sites waiting for your visit.


Market and Dinner at Luiza

Luiza, Kamel and a Cheese maker are collaborating to make an unique market and dining experience.


Overnight: Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem


Day 8: Thursday, May 28th


Breakfast at your hotel


“Seven Species” of Tel Aviv tour- taste of seven iconic Tel Aviv dishes throughout the day.  The seven species generally refers to the native foods of Israel.  What are Israel’s modern seven species?


Free time


ALL WHITE  Chag Dinner for the Erev Shavuot overlooking Ella Valley.


Overnight: Royal Beach or Disco, Tel Aviv


Day 9: Friday, May 29th


Shavuot, Celebrating the Harvest


Breakfast at hotel


Visit a Kibitz to participate in Shavuot Festivities where the whole community comes together for the spring harvest, celebrating any new additions, the new born, crops and tractors.


Free time or walking tour of tlv


Optional: Late Lunch at Habasta


Friday Night Dinner at Avihai's parents, bring in the Shabbith the traditional Isreali way


Overnight: Royal Beach or Disco, Tel Aviv


Day 8: Saturday, May 30th


Last day


Breakfast at hotel


Closing dinner at Rama’s Kitchen. Recently reopened after a fire in 2016, Rama’s Kitchen is a thriving culinary landmark and is consistently ranked as one of Israel’s leading restaurants. The menu reflects a confluence of contemporary western cooking techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean cuisine characterized by simplicity and earthiness.


Departure from ben Gurion Airport.



Some of the activities in this itinerary rely on local hosts, suppliers, or sites and therefore it is subject to change.




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