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Judean Desert Alternative

ADesert Adventure

Explore the Judean Desert and discover its jewels.    Throughout history people have found ways to live and thrive in this desert.    From the monastery in Wadi Kelt to the caves in Qumran, understand the attraction the desert has held through time.    In the Qumran caves, you’ll see where a small community called the Dead Sea Sect hid scrolls that were discovered only in 1947 by two Bedouin shepherds.    These scrolls now reside in a special hall in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.    For a more adventurous option, take a jeep ride in the day or the night to become part of the landscape.    At night see the many types of animals that live in
the desert. Cook a meal outside and sleep under the stars.    In the daytime, have a picnic at Metzuke Dragot overlooking the Dead Sea.    For the even more adventurous, try rappelling off the cliffs of the desert.

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