Judean Hills - Via Sabra

Judean Hills

Enjoy a unique day in the Jerusalem Mountains

The Judean  Hills  rolling  expanses  with  an  abundance  of  flora  and wildlife, historical and archaeological sites is the perfect place for a day of hiking, biking  and/or  cave  exploration.    By  foot,  bike,  4x4  vehicle  or  bus/car  visit  the Castel  Memorial  commemorating  key  battles  in  Israel’s  War  of  Independence; Tel Azeka in the Elah Valley where David was victorious over Goliath; the Soreq Stalactite  and Stalagmite  Cave;  the terraced Sataf  where ancient  mountainous agriculture  is  practiced  as  it  was  by  the  Israelites  thousands  of  years  ago; Tel Gezer,  an  ancient  Canaanite  and  Biblical  city....and  more.      The  unique  terroir made  the  Judean  Hills  an  Israeli  wine  region  to  reckon  with as evidenced  by  the award wineries that  entice  with  wine  tastings  of  their  products.    And  dotting  the countryside are local artisans working in a multitude of media as well as culinary artisans producing cheeses and local delicacies.

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