Communities in the Galilee - Via Sabra

Communities in the Galilee

A Confluence of Cultures

The majority of the Galilee population is non-Jewish.  Meet and visit Moslem, Bedouin/ Christian/ Druze/ Circassian/ Bahá’i communities and sites that  weave the Galilee’s  multi-religious and ethnic collective tapestry.  Visit Peki’in–where Christians, Muslims, Druze and Jews have been living for many years. Enjoy home hospitality with a Christian, Moslem, Druze or Bedouin Arab host ....where you have prepared one dish alongside a selection of traditional dishes that your host cooked especially for you. Stroll in the Akko Bahá’i Gardens where Bahá’u’ll áh, the prophet-founder of the faith is buried. Feel the devotion and reverence of the faithful in the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. At Nes Amim, meet with European Christians who founded a community in Israel as a sign of solidarity with the Jewish people after the Holocaust to emphasize the need for interfaith dialogue.

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