Mon 11.13 - Via Sabra

Mon 11.13

Galilee cuisine

Foraging: From a high point in the Western Galilee, we are in view of Israel’s northern border.  Here we pause to discuss politics and the delicate Middle East situation during a foraging tour to learn about the different edible plants and herbs that spurt and grow after the rains. Pruning shears in hand, we’ll gather what nature has to offer.

Druze cooking workshop: where the participant a hands-on, true to life cultural immersion. Together with our hosts, we will have hands-on preparation of traditional Galilean dishes. Our reward: we enjoy our feast, the product of our own labor.

Akko - On a peninsula that pokes out into the Mediterranean – this historical city seduces visitors with towering ramparts, deep moats, green domes, timeless synagogues, slender minarets, church towers, secret passageways and subterranean vaults.


Dinner- Uri Buri
“For the past 20 years opposite the Crusader subterranean     city in Akko, the Uri Buri restaurant has been offering different kinds of delicately prepared fresh fish and seafood dishes served with more than 100 different kinds of fine Israeli wines.”

Overnight:  North

Mon 11.13
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