Out of Bounds - Via Sabra

Out of Bounds

Desert Jeeps Tour

For a great way to combine adventure with learning take a jeep ride in the Negev Desert!  You’ ll be able to explore off the beaten track sites and feel and breathe the desert.  In the desert you’ ll learn about the Nabateans, an ancient nomadic people, who derived their income from transporting the valuable spices and perfumes from the Arabian Peninsula to be sold in Europe.  Travel along part of their  "Spice Route" and see not only the breathtaking natural wonders but also the remains of Nabatean inns and cities that served the spice-laden caravans.   Over 2,000 years ago, a group of merchants known as the Nabateans, built a number of cities linking Petra, their capital, with the Mediterranean. One of their impressive towns along this route is Avdat.

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