The Street of the Prophets - Via Sabra

The Street of the Prophets

Tales of Love and Legends on the Street of the Prophets

Healers, Diplomats, Poets, Missionaries, Charlatans, Royalty and Builders....but No Prophets.   (Urban) The stately homes, green gardens and unusual buildings that line Nevi’im (Prophets) Streetand the small streets lend a cosmopolitan  air to this central Jerusalem St.  We will hear stories of a doctor’s daughter who turned the heads of Jerusalem’s men; a Russian princess who linked hersef to Jerusalem; an eccentric and a poetess who helped to form modern Hebrew; a woman who discovered her artistic talent late in life; an antiquities forger; hospitals founded by missionaries and early Zionists as well as exotic Africans and erstwhile Europeans who established consulates and churches along our route.

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