Tue 11.14 - Via Sabra

Tue 11.14

Oil, Wine, Honey, Whiskey – a Fluid Exploration

Avtalion Oil Press: A place in the middle of the road that lives with nature and merges into the human society around it. Fully integrated in the rich Galilean environment, the modern oil press is works inside an ancient building and uses only the finest local olive species – "baladi" (specially the fine Syrian brand which grows in the region) to produce  a modern cold press extra virgin olive oil.

Yiftachel Winery: situated in the middle of a lovely blooming forest of Alon Hagalil. Red wines are produced from grapes cultivated in their own vineyard.  Yiftachel also has beehives from which they separate nine types of special honey according to the nectar of the flowers.

Lunch: El Babur, Palestinian cuisine.  “Abas Husam’s menu is taken strictly from what this land provides – in Arabic this is called “baladi”.  More universally, Husam’s style is known as “slow cooking”

Proceed to Tel Aviv

Milk and Honey: the first whiskey distillery in Israel for a tasting tour 

Check in hotel

Sarona - a Templar colony, established by devout Christians who came from Germany. Not long ago, a masterpiece of renovation and preservation of the colony ended. We will visit Sarona, the renovated compound and the market, Israel's largest indoor market.

Dinner: Basta
"A tiny restaurant and wine bar, just a clutch of round tables on an alley just off Carmel Market, draws its inspiration from the market's fresh offerings".

Overnight:  Tel Aviv

Tue 11.14
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