Wed 11.15 - Via Sabra

Wed 11.15

Making the Desert Bloom

Shirat HaMidbar- In the sand dunes of Halutza lies a unique organic farm in which grows medicinal herbs and spices, Moroccan Argan trees, edible grapes and a colorful orchard. Prepare your own spiced oil. 

Kadesh Barne’a- Here in this arid desert community, a miracle of agriculture takes place with cherry tomatoes. We’ll meet the local farmer and marvel at the accomplishment that’s been achieved with state of the art technology.

Lunch: Ezuz a unique community of artists bursting with creativity. The village is home to less than 15 families, each of whom runs some kind of tourism or culture-related business. Ezuz is a haven for eco-tourism with many unique and inspirational creations constructed out of the remains of busses, train carriages and other unusual materials

Avi Arzuni’s farm- Using ancient Nabatean agricultural techniques, Avi has managed to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables year round relying solely on unexpected flash floods.

Shivta: Tour the archaeological site of a  classic Nabatean town located along the ancient spice route it was later a Byzantine agricultural colony and way station for pilgrims en route to the Saint Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula.  

Late return to Tel Aviv

Wed 11.15
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