Western Galilee - Via Sabra

Western Galilee

Exploring the Eclectic

The Western Galilee is a study in contrasts: advanced infrastructures nestled in bucolic, lush greenery; pastoral tranquility existing alongside futuristic high-tech plants; Mediterranean beaches are fed by gushing springs from coast line mountains. Five religious groups:  Jews, Moslems, Christians, Bahá’is and Druze live and work side by side.  Travel to the Rosh HaNikra grottoes that are accessed by cable car. Visit Akko, a world heritage site featuring the Knights Halls, the Turkish Hamam (Baths), the Templars Tunnel, historic synagogues, Arab markets, churches and mosques. Stop at the impressive Baha’I Gardens and the Yad Layeled Children’s Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to children who perished during the Holocaust and designed to explain the Shoa to children.  For more adventuresome guests, there can be a stop at the unique “Cave of the Arch” and participation in sport activities such hiking along nature trails, bike tours, tornado boat cruises and kayaking.

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