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Wine tours

Exploring the beautiful wine regions in Israel

Wine has been produced in Israel for well over 2000 years!    In the past few decades, wine-making has become an art form in Israel and over 300 wineries can be found throughout the country.    Israeli wine-makers are professionals who have learned how to work with the unique terroir of the country to produce high-quality, award-winning wines.    The rich soil and varied landscapes of the country yield grapes of all varieties. Each region of the country offers a slightly different wine-tasting experience.    From the Golan Heights to the Judean Hills to the Carmel Region on the Mediterranean coast to the desert of the south, wineries and vineyards dot the landscape.    Combining wine-tasting with touring in Israel elevates a trip to a higher level- and you can’t beat a day that includes drinking great wine and learning about culture and history all at once!

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