Did  you  know  that  Israel  is  ranked  near  the  top  of  the  international  happiness  index?

Israel  is  wide open  and  not  what  you  expected  and  we  will  show  you  how.  At Via Sabra, we  unfold  Israel. We believe that encounters with the details of the country reveal a new way to experience the totality of the idea  and  place  that  is  Israel. We  don’t  base our tours  on  the ‘must  sees’–  we  offer  trips  that  create access to people  and places who, in and  of  themselves,  are  microcosms of the bigger  picture of this complex land, state, and people.

 Hike a hidden trail, tour a historic site you’ve never heard of, taste unfamiliar flavors, meet Israelis from all walks of life and just take it all in. Find out for yourself.


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