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Culinary Tours




Israel is a multi-faceted country with a fascinating history, endless holy sites, magnificent landscapes, and amazing stories. In recent years, Israel has been recognized for its intriguing culinary landscape and, for the first time ever, Travel + Leisure Magazine has selected Tel Aviv as one of its top 50 destinations of the year.


Via Sabra specializes in unfolding Israel through the unique gastronomical culture that mirrors the complexity and beauty of the country.  Avihai Tsabari, founder and innovator of Via Sabra, is also a tour guide specializing in the food and wine of Israel.  Avihai brought his culinary expertise and creative juices as the adviser and guide in the feature film In Search of Israeli Cuisine. Via Sabra is the  only provider of the official "In Search of Israeli Cuisine" Tour. We provide exceptional service and understand both the needs of first-timers to Israel as well as those who continue to return to experience the unique wonders of the ancient and modern, the tastes and smells and the people of Israel. We  focus on ensuring that the best of Israel is shown to our clients.


Join an insider’s adventure: meet the chefs, meet cooks in their own homes. Visit restaurants, street food vendors, markets, wineries, cheese makers, farms, even ancient olive presses. Join in hands-on experiences in kitchens and homes. Sample the best of Israel’s culinary landscape. In intimate settings, meet the key players on Israel’s dynamic food scene. Because of our many years of work in this field we can show you the scene from the inside.



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